Grammaire » -jjaa- (affix)


In some dialects, there is a special way of using the negative in the future tense to describe events that will not be happening. This involves adding the affix -jjaa- just before the negative affix -nngit-.

 He is going to come.
 qaijjaanngittuq  He is not going to come.


When -jjaa- is added to a root ending in a consonant, it deletes the final consonant:

aullaq-to leave town; depart
Unnusa aullarrniaqtunga. I’ll be leaving town this afternoon.
Unnusa aullajjaanngittunga. I’ll not be leaving town this afternoon.


-jjaa- can be used to describe events in the near future (today) and the more distant future (tomorrow or later).