Grammar » 17 » More on Commands

In the previous grammar note, we looked at how you would tell one person to do something.

What if we want to ask more than one person to do something?

qai- to come
qaigit Come here! (speaking to 1 person)
qaigitsik Come here! (speaking to 2 people)
qaigitsi Come here! (speaking to 3+ people)

These endings were first introduced in the first couple of lessons with these common expressions:

tunngasugit Welcome! (speaking to 1 person)
tunngasugitsik Welcome! (speaking to 2 people)
tunngasugitsi Welcome! (speaking to 3+ people)


Remember to change the first letter of these endings when using roots that end in -q:

isiq- to enter
isirit Come in. (speaking to 1 person)
isiritsik Come in. (speaking to 2 people)
isiritsi Come in. (speaking to 3+ people)