Grammar » 25 » Going somewhere to do something

The handy affix -jaqtuq- / -giaq- / -riaq- is used to talk about going somewhere for a specific purpose. It has several forms depending on the last letter of the root it is attached to.

Following roots ending in vowels, use -jaqtuq- :

niri- to eat
nirijaqtuqtunga I am going (somewhere) to eat.
katima- to meet
katimajaqtuqtugut We are going to a meeting.

Following roots ending in -q, use -riaq- :

pinnguaq- to play; to compete
Aatuvaamut pinnguariaqtuq. he/she is going to Ottawa to compete
qikaq- to rest
Kalaallit Nunanganut qikariaqtuq. He/she is going to Greenland for a holiday.
pulaaq- to visit
Piitakkunnut pulaariaqtunga. I am going to visit at Piita's place.

Following -k, use -giaq- :

sinik- to sleep
sinigiaqtut They are going (somewhere) to sleep.