Grammar » 20 » The Affix -vik

-vik is an affix that is added to a verb to indicate a time or place where an action takes place:

niri- to eat
nirivik dining room

This affix can be added directly to roots that end in vowels:

ani- to go out
anivik exit; way out
If it is added to a root ending in -q, it normally changes the final -q to -r :
pulaaq- to visit
pulaarvik living room
When -vik is added to a root ending in -t or -k it normally changes these sounds to -v :
tikit- to arrive
tikivvik place of arrival;
the event of arriving
quviasuk- to be happy
quviasuvvik Christmas (time of happiness)

Sometimes, however, -vik will delete final -t :

uqalimaagaq + kkut + vik =  
uqalimaagakkuvik bookshelf