Grammar » 14. The Plural

In Inuktut, the plural is used to talk about more than two of any noun:
inuk inuit 
person people (3+)

The plural form always ends in t. Here are some instructions on changing a noun from its singular form to the plural:

if the noun ends in a vowel, add -it:

ilisaiji ilisaijiit
teacher teachers (3+)

If the noun ends in t, just add -iit:

uqaalaut uqaalautiit
telephone telephones (3+)

If the object ends in any other consonant, delete the last consonant, and add -it:

iqaluk iqaluit
fish (1) fish (3+)

If you delete the last consonant, and find that you already have two vowels, just add t:

uqaalautiralaaq uqaalautiralaat
cell phone cell phones (3+)