Grammar » -taqaq- (affix)


-taqaq- is used to express the English there is / there are. This affix is tacked on to the end of nouns and must be followed by a subject ending:

kaapitaqaqqa Is there coffee?


When we want to say "there is...", Inuktitut speakers avoid the construction ...taqaqtuq, and use the affix -talik instead:

kaapitaqaqqa? ii, kaapitalik.
Is there coffee? Yes, there is coffee.


Note that -talik is never used to make a negative sentence:

kaapitaqaqqa? aagga, kaapitaqanngittuq
Is there coffee?
No, there is no coffee.

-taqaq- deletes final consonants of any nouns it is added to:

paippaaq + taqaq + qa =  
paippaataqaqqa? Is there any paper?
ii, paippaatalik Yes, there is paper.
aagga, paippaataqanngittuq No, there is no paper.