Grammar » in, to, from

Inuktitut has three handy affixes for describing where you are, where you are going, or where you are coming from.  They follow a similar pattern.

-mit from
-mut to
-mi at / in
in the house
from the house
illumut to the house
When -mi, -mut, & -mit are added to stems ending in q, they change final q to r:
tupiq + mi tupirmi in the tent

...and they change all other final consonants to m:

kuuk + mit = kuummit from the river
All of the above affixes have a plural form: -ni, -nut, & -nit
kuugalaammut kuugalaanut
to the creek to the creeks
tasirmit tasirnit
from the lake from the lakes
naqsarmi naqsarni
in the valley in the valleys
We can use these affixes when answering the following questions:
Namiippit? nunasiummi
Where are you? in the car
Namunngaqqit? illuralaarmut
Where are you going? to the cabin
Nakingaaqqit? kinngarnit
Where are you coming from? from the mountains