Grammar » -gi- (affix)

In an earlier lesson we looked at double person endings:

takujara takujagit takujanga
I see him. I see you. She sees him.

These endings are often used to describe the relationship between two or more people using the affix -gi-:

panik Ilisapi panigiviuk? ii, paniga*
daugther Is Ilisapi your daughter Yes, she is my daughter

* Note that this is how a fluent speaker would answer the question.  Although panigijara is grammatically correct, it sounds awkward.


When -gi- is added to a stem, ending in -q, it switches to -ri-:

nuliaq Uluusi nuliariviuk? Aagga, Miali nuliara.
wife Is Uluusi your wife?  No Mary is my wife.

One more example:

angijuqqaaq Inna angijuqqaarivauk? ii angijuqqaanga
head of an organization; boss Is that his boss? Yes, she's his boss.