Grammar » 12 » Frequent or Habitual Actions


-suuq is added to roots to express the idea of

  • someone who is able to do something
  • someone who does something frequently, or as a matter of habit.


uivititut French
Uivititusuunguvit? Do you speak French?
immuk milk
immulisuunguvit? Do you take milk?
qangata to rise or jump into the air
qangatasuuq airplane (lit. something that frequently goes up into the air)
A couple of points to note:


1. –suuq is often followed by the verb -ngu- (a variation of -u-) which means “to be”.

sukaq + li + suuq + ngu + vit = Literally, ‘Are you someone who frequently uses sugar.'
sukalisuunguvit? Do you take sugar?
2. When using -suuq- in the third person (it, he, she, they), the verb -ngu is dropped as a short cut:
inuktitusuuq an Inuktitut speaker
inuktitusuut people who speak Inuktitut
3. When -suuq- is added to a stem that ends in a consonant, it deletes the final consonant:
miqsuq + suuq =  
miqsusuuq someone who sews