Grammar » -tuq- (affix) attached to nouns


-tuq- is an affix that appears in the middle of Inuktitut words following a noun root. It should not be confused with the verb ending –tuq (meaning he/she/it).

-tuq- is attached to a noun to indicate:

i) something that one drinks or eats:
 natsiminiqtuqtuq  He/she eats seal meat.
 tiituqtugut We (3+) are drinking tea.
 ii) something that one is using:  
 umiaqtuqtuuk  The two of them are boating.


This affix appears in the name of the lesson Kaapiturumaviit?:
 kaapi + tuq + juma + viit? =  kaapiturumaviit?
  Do you want some coffee?

The root imiq on its own means “water” or it can become a verb root, followed by a verb ending, to mean “to drink”.  If you want to ask someone if they would like some water, do not use the affix –tuq- with the root imiq-.  The correct way to ask the question is:

imirumaviit? (literally) Do you want to drink (some water)?
imirumajunga I want to drink some water.
imiqtuq He is drinking water.