Grammar » 11 » To Eat or Drink Something

 The affix -tuq- is used after noun roots to indicate something one eats, drinks, wears or uses somehow:

tiituqtugut We (3+) are drinking tea.
kaapiturumavit? Do you want some coffee?
natsiminiqtuqtuq He/she is eating seal meat.
umiaqtuqtut They are boating.
kamiktuqtuq He/she puts on sealskin boots.

-tuq- can be attached to any root without changing the consonant sound that comes before it.

Watch out for the root imiq, which can mean either the noun ‘water' or the verb 'to drink.'  If you want to ask someone if they would like some water, do not use the affix -tuq- with the root imiq-.  The correct way to ask the question is:

imirumavit? Do you want to drink (some water)?
imirumajunga I want to drink some water.
imiqtuq He/she is drinking water.