Grammar » -sima- (affix)


-sima- is used to describe the state that one finds oneself after a certain action has been completed.  Compare the following examples:

angirraqtuq She goes home.
angirraliqtuqShe is going home right now.
angirraqsimajuq(Having gone home,) She is now at home.


-sima- is an easy affix to work with.  It can be added to any root without changing its spelling:

 aullaq + sima + juq = 
He has departed; She is away.


-sima- is frequently used with verbs involving motion:
 Maanna Qikiqtarjuarmi piqatiga takujaqtuqsimajara.
 Right now I am in Qikiqtarjuaq visiting my friend.


The literal translation would be:
 I am currently in Qikiqtarjuaq, having gone to visit my friend.