Grammar » -liq- (affix)

The affix -liq- is added to verbs to emphasize that an action is happening right now or is just about to happen. It can also mark a change that has occurred, again, emphasizing the current state of something:

qailiqtut They are coming now; they are on their way.
angirraliqtunga I am on my way home.
aniliqtunga I am going out right now.
siniliqtut They are falling asleep.
quviasuliqtugut We (3+) are happy now (something has changed to make us happy).
Una ajuliqtuq. This isn’t working now.


When -liq- is added to a root ending in a consonant, it deletes the final consonant:

aullaq- to depart
aullaliqtut I am on my way home.