Grammar » 29 » Repeated Actions

These affixes are attached to verbs to indicate an action that happens often or regularly.

–vat– is added to verbs that end in a vowel. For verbs ending in a consonant, it changes to –pat–

ani + vat + tuq = anivattuq
  He/she goes out often.
makittaq + pat + tunga Qautamaat makittaqpattunga
  I play cards every day.


–qattaq– can be added to verbs ending in vowels or consonants. When added to a root ending in a consonant, it deletes the final consonant:

niri + qattaq + tunga = Ullaakkut niriqattaqtunga
  I eat in the morning.
miqsuq + qattaq + tuq Unnukkut miqsuqattaqtuq
  She sews in the evening.
In South Qikiqtaaluk dialect, -qattaq- and –vat–/ –pat– can normally be used interchangeably.
qikaq + qattaq + qit? = Ukiutamaat qikaqattaqqit?
  Do you take a holiday every winter?
qikaq + pat + tunga Aujatamaat qikaqpattunga
  I take a holiday every summer.