Grammar » 26 » Overview of Affixes Used for Tenses

As a review, here is a summary of the most common affixes used to mark events that are happening in the past, present and future:

Timeframe Affix  
past: yesterday + -lauq-  
  tikilauqtuq He/she arrived.
past: earlier today -qqau-  
  tikiqqaujuq He/she arrived earlier.
past: immediate -rataaq-  
  tikirataaqtuq He/she just arrived
present -liq-  
  tikiliqtuq He/she is arriving right now.
future: later today -niaq-  
  tikinniaqtuq He/she will arrive later today.
  tikilangajuq He/she will arrive later today.
future: tomorrow + -laaq-  
  tikilaaqtuq He/she will arrive (tomorow / in the future).