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Inuktut has a complex system of words to talk about an object based on where it is located (this one right here, that one over there, this one up here, etc.). At this stage, we will just look at the simplest forms.

Localizers in the South Qikiqtaaluk dialects have two forms: one for the singular and one for the dual / plural:

una this one
ukua these two
taanna that one
taakkua those two / these (3+)

Una and ukua generally refer to something close to the speaker while taanna / taakkua refer to something farther away. This very much depends on the context of the conversation, however.

In this lesson we see localizers used to ask who something belongs to:

Una kiap nasanga?  Whose hat is this?
Una nasaga. This is my hat
Taakkua kiap pualungik? Whose mitts (2) are those?
Taakkua pualukkik. Those are your mitts.